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Yujin Kim


Yujin Kim is an art historian who focuses on Asian art history as well as transcultural issues in art historical methodology and artistic research, she has completed her doctoral dissertation entitled “Remake in the tension between the global and local art scene. Strategies of artistic imitation in the works of Yeondoo Jung, Ming Wong and Pierre Huyghe (Remake im Spannungsfeld zwischen globaler und lokaler Kunstszene. Künstlerische Imitationsverfahren bei Yeondoo Jung, Ming Wong und Pierre Huyghe)”, which examines the genre of the filmic remake as an artistic strategy within contemporary art since 1990 from a transcultural perspective, positioning the work of selected artists between the local and global tensions that surface in relation to their international exhibition making. Alongside her academic research, she works as a curator and art writer, contributing articles on contemporary art, institutions, and exhibitions, to Public Art Magazine. Her current project “Past Tense: Contemporary Korean Ceramics (2022)” focuses on modern Korean ceramics in fine art contexts. 

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