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Sinhyun Cho (1970, Korea)

Sinhyun Cho is head of the Ceramic Research Institute Neriage-Technik and works as Instructor in ceramics arts at Dankook, Kangwon, and Konkuk Universities. Besides countless solo exhibitions he has participated in national group exhibitions at Württemberg State Museum in 2013, and Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum in 2014. Based in Icheon, UNESCO city of Crafts and Folk Art, he was awarded the 48th Korea Design Exhibition Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Grand Prize at the Ceramic Arts Award of Korea 2011, and Excellence Prize at the Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Arts Contest. His works are included in the collections of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jingdezhen, and Seoul Newspaper Museum, Seoul, amongst others.


Sinhyun Cho’s complex, patented neriage ceramics also play on expectations of ceramic production, pushing the limits of this coloured clay banding technique to produce forms so perfect it is hard to believe they are not machine-made. Liquefied porcelain is poured onto plasterboard followed by a series of thin, alternately coloured layers of slip, which are allowed to dry until the form is stable. Cho then shapes and polishes the structure into spiralling, candy-cane coloured vases of startling precision that verge on the aesthetics of computer-generated hyper-reality.

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