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Youkyung Sin (1984, Korea)


Yougyung Sin received a BFA in Ceramic Arts from Ewha University in 2007, and an MFA from Kookmin University in 2009. In 2014, she completed an MFA in ceramics and glass at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Germany. In addition to solo exhibitions at Gana Artspace, Seoul 2010, and the Linz Kunstuniversität Gallery in 2013, she has participated in various group exhibitions and fairs such as Talente 2012 International Craft-fair Munich, and International Ceramic Biennale Kafenberg, 2013. She is a laureate of the Frechen Ceramic Award 2012.


Interested in Buncheong methods, Youkyung Sin radically repurposes ceramic techniques such as inlay, incising, sgraffito, and liquid engobe dip, in works that seek to expand the terms of ceramic practice - often dispensing with discrete objects entirely, in favour of multi-form spatial installations. Sin’s project is an exploration - and often an attack - on the notion of utility, exposing the conventions by which ceramic objects are identified as useful or purposeful, while assuming the tokens of such forms, as is the case in her works here.

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