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Hogyu Son (1968, Korea)


Hogyu Son is a ceramic artist who has dedicated his career to raising awareness of traditional and contemporary Korean ceramic arts, perhaps most prominently as owner of pottery workshop ‘Potter Story’ in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do. He has participated in important group exhibitions including ‘Korea Style Expo 2010’ at COEX Seoul, ‘Tableware Festival’ at the Seoul Art Center, 2010, and received a special award at the Korea Ceramics Exhibition 2000, as well as Bronze Prize in the International Competition at Gyeonggi World Ceramic Biennale, 2001.


Hogyu Son’s colourfully glazed, twisted and deformed objects humorously refer to traditional forms of porcelain vase, gently mocking the history of the medium, by unpicking and loosening its more rigid procedures. His fast-formed structures, produced with minimal trimming on the wheel, give his ceramics a raw, charmingly untidy and intimate character, redefining ceramic practice as a something akin to a contemporary folk art rooted in the local and personal.

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