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Heimindustrie: Vicky Kim and Andreas Steinemann
March 23 to April 16 2023
Gallery Milchhuette Zumikon

In an exhibition at Galerie Milchhuette, Vicky Kim and Andreas Steinemann present their works comprising wall drawings, prints, collages and room-sized objects. Taking into account the spatial structures and architectural conditions of the Milchhuette and its prehistory as a milk collection point, the works on display raise questions about the relationship between artistic expression and physical labor, everyday experience and image production, and also painting and craftsmanship. 
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Past Tense: Contemporary Korean Ceramics
October 1 to 29, 2022
Neumarkt 17, Brunngasskeramik, PS-Studio


For many Korean ceramists, Yung-Jae Lee’s 2006 exhibition ‘1111 Schalen’ at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich stands as a defining moment in contemporary craft. The monumental installation, consisting of 1,111 handmade earthenware bowls placed directly on the floor of the museum, was based on a study of the Maksabal - the most common bowl in Korean cuisine, and a highly symbolic (and evocative) everyday object. > more

Hans Aeschbach * 1911 - † 1999
The search for perfection in imperfection - Hans Aeschbach and his companions Walter Binder, Louis Conne and Otto Teucher

August 27 to September 12, 2021
Galerie Milchhütte, Zumikon


Carefully contemplating the works of Hans Aeschbach, I notice that their aesthetics remind me of the "Wabi Sabi" principles. The mindset based on Wabi Sabi goes back to Sen no Rikyū - a famous Japanese tea master and Zen monk from the 16th century. Wabi (poverty) represents the will to simplicity and the rejection of the magnificent and ostentatious. Sabi (patina) denotes contentment with the given conditions of life, the acceptance that everything is subject to impermanence.  > more

Hommage to Hans Aeschbach
September 17 to Oktober 3, 2021
Galerie Milchhütte, Zumikon


Thanks to the commitment of the participating artists, the support of various cultural foundations and the support of the Aeschbach family, it was possible to realize the exhibition, which took place in the year of Hans Aeschbach's 110th birthday. It began with a simple inventory project project aimed at the systematic documentation of Hans Aeschbach's works.  > more

Poetry of Transformation – Hans Aeschbach + Daniel Zimmerman

August 26 to September 11 2022
Galerie Milchhütte, Zumikon


Changes of state, such as growth and shrinkage, are biological phenomena that Aeschbach often translates into his pictorial compositions. He understands kinetic energy as the impetus for shape change, which is already evident in his works from the 1930s, when metamorphosis was a popular pictorial theme for him.

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