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Past Tense: Contemporary Korean Ceramics, catalog

Yujin Kim


The publication accompanying the exhibition Past Tense documents the work of 8 Korean ceramic artists and provides an interesting insight into the culture of Korean ceramics, which is little known in Europe.


Self-published by Yujin Kim, Zurich 2022

Price CHF 35


Hans Aeschbach * 1911 - † 1999 Graphic artist, painter and teacher

Poetic synthesis of nature and geometry

Editor: Yujin Kim


Thanks to the initiative of the family, this publication is the first attempt to historically classify and evaluate the work of Hans Aeschbach (1911-1999), Zurich poster designer, illustrator, painter, draftsman, and for over 30 years teacher at the Zurich School of Applied Arts (now the Zurich University of the Arts). 


After "Lege artis," Yujin Kim presents Aeschbach's previously unknown graphic and drawing work, explores its theoretical-methodological foundations, and places it in an international art-historical context. 


Peter Vetter provides a personal insight into Aeschbach's relationship with his students at the Zurich School of Applied Arts and their cultural practice. Vetter, himself a student of Aeschbach, is also responsible, together with Katharina Leuenberger, for the carefully designed and richly illustrated layout of the book. Sara Zeller's contribution is devoted to Aeschbach's multifaceted graphic work, which is attracting interest from a young, international audience. 


The publication presented here with the associated processing of the artistic estate of Hans Aeschbach, with the support of the Swiss Institute for Art Studies (SIK-ISEA), can be considered exemplary. In the sense of Bruno Latour, the publication acts as a "circulating reference" and facilitates a future discourse on the work of Hans Aeschbach and his activities as a lecturer at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich.


Available at Digiboo Verlag, Schiffliweg 9, 8700 Küsnacht or in bookstores

ISB 978-3-03906-018-4

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