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Cuput. Vicky Kim in Chosen gallery in Seoul, Artist Talk Feb. 12 2024


Back and Forth – The graphic and artistic work of Hans Aeschbach, Willy Eidenbenz and Rolf Rappaz, Oct. 21 - Dec. 15 2023 in Rappaz Museum Basel

The exhibition "Back and Forth - The Graphic and artistic Work of Rolf Rappaz, Willi Eidenbenz and Hans Aeschbach" in the Rappaz Museum in Basel focuses on the parallels in the biographies of the three graphic artists against their common historical background. By means of a detailed synopsis, the multifaceted nature of their lives and art is shown in the mirror of the 20th century. The starting point of this thematic group exhibition is the particularity that, from the 1930s onwards, they were successful both as commercial graphic artists and as artists. The confluence of "craft" skill and artistic creation observable in the work of Rappaz, Eidenbenz, and Aeschbach indicates that this generation of artists not only sought the possibilities of visual design in the purely painterly art tradition, but also transferred their innovative thinking to the commercial art field. By juxtaposing graphic and artistic works, the exhibition explores which aesthetic issues were representative of this generation of artist-graphic designers and how their design ideas were translated into painting and design. Above all, the comparison of works is intended to highlight the different abstract design methods of Rappaz, Eidenbenz, and Aeschbach and to bring their respective individual artistic developments to the attention of the public.

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